24 May 2009

Darling: What I really mean

Alistair Darling on the Politics Show:

I think we will see a return to growth towards the end of the year. I am confident but cautious. I think we have some way to go yet.

What he really means:

I think I will keep my job as Chancellor.  I am confident but cautious.  Until I know for sure, I will keep saying the economy will return to growth by the end of the year.  After I am confirmed in my job I may, depending on the political situation, give a more candid assessment.  It all depends on whether Gordon survives and when the general election will be.

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1 comment:

  1. It just beggars belief.

    If Brown’s equally incompetent treasury puppet can’t even handle his own finances, what hope is there for those of our Country.

    Is there no end to this nonsense?