19 May 2009

The Night of Long Knives – Part 2

After the Labour NEC meeting earlier today, Brown said:

No Minister will be in the government in future, in the Cabinet in future, if they have broken the rules.

If Brown is as good as his word, it looks like the Cabinet reshuffle is going to be some event.

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  1. Night of the Paper Knives.

    If an expense has been paid it must by definition be within the rules. Cart and Horses. Some claims, already paid, involved 'mistakes' which have been rectified.

    How is Brown going to deal with blatant manipulation of second home allowances? He has exonerated Blears from her 'unacceptable' conduct by allowing her to remain in the Cabinet. Brown is dissembling.

    Cameron must push deselections to show electorate that Brown remains the problem to serious cleaning of the stables.

  2. Dear God man: none of them broke the fricking rules!

    Nothing needs to happen at all, in Brown's mind.

  3. My opinion is that reshuffle will involve moves for nealry half the Cabinet.