12 May 2009

Cameron warns Tebbit

This is Cameron's response to Lord Tebbit’s interview on Today:

As a former chairman he should know a thing or two about party discipline and about party rules and about supporting other parties. He's treading a very careful path, and I would warn him if he slips off that path he will find he's sitting as an independent.

Tebbit knew precisely what he was doing and stepped out of line.  Cameron should have acted decisively and sacked him on the spot.

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  1. So, do you reckon Tebbit was wrong then? We should ignore venal greed in our politicians, as long as they're Tories?

  2. Tebbit is a true tory whereas Cameron is Blair's heir, a sort of tory, sometimes. Tebbit alwaws remains a tory, but in the case of the EU elections he reccommends exactly what every true tory intended to do anyway, vote UKIP/BNP since no one believes Cameron would ever hold a referendum.