24 May 2009

Alan Johnson is doing more than thinking about it

Seek and what do we find.  This is buried deep in the Sunday Times:

Then there is the Alan Johnson issue. The popular, blokeish health secretary is being urged by disgruntled Labour MPs to challenge Brown for the leadership. They hope Johnson’s easygoing charm could help limit Labour’s defeat at the next general election.

One backbencher said he had a five-minute conversation with the health secretary last week about taking on Brown. “I thought it was interesting that he never said categorically that he would not have a go,” said the MP. “Alan simply expressed concern that he might not be able to beat the Tories.” No 10’s strategy is to kill Johnson’s ambitions with kindness. “AJ [Johnson] is a great communicator. He can have any job he wants,” said a source.

He may not beat the Tories but it would be a close election.  All Johnson has to do is pluck up the courage, follow my advice and go to the country.

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