12 May 2009

David Cameron’s big moment

This has to be the day that Cameron shows leadership over the expenses shambles.  As a warm-up act he should withdraw the whip from Tebbit, who has said this about voting in the European elections:

I’ve said don’t vote for the major parties. I think the major parties are getting away from their public supporters.

The leaders of the major parties would be reminded that the electors could quite easily show their displeasure.

After despatching Tebbit, Cameron can then move on and deal with the MPs named in the Telegraph article.  All of them should have the whip removed.  Today is the day for tough action and not before time.  The country is crying out for leadership and there is no better opportunity for Cameron to demonstrate he can provide this.

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  1. It's a very tribal man who would say "you know what, despite the fact that we've been caught stealing on a grand scale, you should still vote for us."

  2. I admire Tebbit for speaking his mind. It's about time some of them did. He's nothing to lose and it may well be a good thing for Parliament and democracy if the representatives were from the smaller parties.