23 May 2009

Flint: Carry on Hazel and “we will do the best we can” for Brown


The lovely Caroline Flint breaks cover in The Times today, opening challenging Gordon Brown over Hazel Blears:

She followed the advice. Hazel hasn’t done anything wrong but she has said herself that maybe she should have paid it and she put her hand up and paid it.

I think she’s doing a good job and she should continue to do that. She’s one of the last people who would ever come into politics for financial benefit.

And on Brown’s YouTube performance:

Gordon doesn’t set himself up as a slick TV performer.

Then on Brown’s leadership:

He will lead us into the next general election and we as ministers have to support him and do the best we can.

She doesn't exactly foam at the mouth with enthusiasm.

The issue here is that ministers feel comfortable in openly challenging Brown with direct criticism thrown in.  Just treat this as a warm up act for the fratricide that will grip Labour after the June elections.

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