21 May 2009

A July election is not ruled by the Cabinet

An interesting article from Benedict Brogan in which he says that a July election is being thought about in Cabinet:

Mr Cameron knows he will not get the early poll he wants, but July is being mentioned – quietly – in Cabinet.

And the latest Cabinet thinking on Brown:

Around the Cabinet table, his crude politicking provokes despair. There is also frustration at his inability to say whether he plans to punish those who have behaved wrongly. He judged Hazel Blears's failure to pay capital gains on her property portfolio "totally unacceptable", but in the same sentence added that she broke no law and no rules. So does she survive or does she go? What does he, as leader, actually believe?

Brown can hardly sack Blears without dishing out the punishment to Hoon and Purnell.

Interesting stuff.  Maybe a July election is on the cards.  This would be another reason to time the Speaker’s resignation date for the 21st June.

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