16 May 2009

Labour’s share of the vote drops to an all time low

Two polls tonight and the news is grim for Labour:

ComRes - CON 40%(-5), LAB 21%(-5), LDEM 18%(nc).

BPIX - CON 42%(-3), LAB 20%(-3), LDEM 15%(-2)

There is little surprise that support for the major parties has dropped.  However, the significant figure is the Labour share of the vote, which is the lowest ever recorded.  See Anthony Wells here and here:

As far as I’m aware this is the lowest level of support Labour have ever recorded in an opinion poll, though they have not yet matched the absolute worst polls the Conservatives suffered during the darkest days of the Major government (in 1995 the Conservatives hit 18.5% in a Gallup poll, though those were polls that had yet to really correct the mistakes of 1992).

While all of the three main parties have dropped, David Cameron himself seems to be emerging comparatively well from the political crisis. Asked how well the party leaders have responded to the situation, only 17% think Brown has handled it well, 53% think Cameron has.

According to BPIX, 38% think that Gordon Brown should dissolve Parliament immediately and call an election.

Enough said.

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