12 November 2009

Keeping an eye on Frank Field

Having previously noted that Frank Field may well cause Brown a few ‘local difficulties' coupled with his belief that Alan Johnson would be perfect foil to David Cameron, there is further news that he is not a happy comrade.

First, we have Field’s article in The Guardian in response to Cameron's speech on poverty:

If you read the speech without knowing who has given it, most people would conclude that it was a speech by Tony Blair, who had carefully blended in the best of Labour's leftwing thinking. That is the size of the challenge we now face from David Cameron.

Labour's normal stock response of trying to ridicule him simply will not do. Cameron's aim is clear. It is to turn traditional party politics upside down. The time for jeering at Cameron is over. Labour's survival will now entail outmatching his programme.

Secondly, Field has tabled an early day motion calling for an a Commons vote on the war in Afghanistan based on a motion that is amendable, which could lead to rebellions against the party whip:

We stumbled into Afghanistan. There was no decision from the House of Commons to be there. We now have a military strategy devoid of any political direction whatsoever. I'm anxious that we have a debate because the Commons is supposed to be the place where big issues are debated. We should not be afraid of the fact that there are different views.

The article in The Guardian has Mike Smithson wondering if Field is about to defect.  John Rentoul is not sure.

Frank Field should stay and fight, but it may not be for Gordon Brown.

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