23 November 2009

James MacIntrye and Not Gordon

Believe James MacIntyre if you wish, but a rather more realistic assessment of the latest Ipsos-Mori poll comes from The Mole:

Grumbling voices inside the Labour party yesterday saw the poll quite differently from the Brown camp. Instead of being a vote of confidence in his leadership, it suggests that if only Brown would step down and allow someone else….to fight for the crown, Labour would have a real chance of beating Cameron.

"Those who have been round a bit don't believe the spin that the Brown camp are putting on this poll," one disgruntled Labour MP told the Mole. "Because if there is a choice between Gordon and Not Gordon, people will go for Not Gordon. We have always believed it is going to be a close-run thing but if you're sensible about this, if you really want to win, you have to persuade Gordon to step down and let us run with a new leader."

The Not Gordon camp will win through.  Watch and wait.

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