15 November 2009

David Cameron would also apologise

On Monday Kevin Rudd, Australia’s Prime Minister, will deliver a national apology to the “Forgotten Australians” and recognise the mistreatment and ongoing suffering of some 500,000 people held in orphanages or children's homes between 1930 and 1970.

It is being reported this morning that Gordon Brown, after consulting with the survivors of the programme, will apologise for the UK’s role in the new year.

Following on from this, Tim Montgomerie, the Editor of ConservativeHome, is having fun on Twitter listing all the things that Gordon Brown should apologise for.  It is in very poor taste and shows a lack of judgement on his part.

The “Forgotten Australians” is an emotive issue and still angers many people.

If David Cameron was Prime Minister today, he would also be considering the implications of the Australian apology.

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  1. Nice post - agreed. And Tim Montgomerie and the others at ToryHome have the nerve to accuse others of being insufficiently interested in our history...

  2. Were these Kids sent to Australia for a better life than bankrupt Britain or war torn Europe could offer at the time?.

    Any mistreatment they suffered is surely down to the Australian Government.