03 November 2009

Will Cameron show the leadership that is required?

That's it.  The Czech constitutional court has cleared the Lisbon treaty and all that remains is the signature of President Vaclav Klaus.

Cameron will make his not-very-shocking announcement that there be no referendum when he is good and ready.  Apart from the usual suspects, such as Bill Cash, it would appear that Our Dave has done his homework and the Tory party will close ranks behind him.  Of course, it will be all be rather synthetic.

To keep the Eurospectics' onside Cameron will promise to “repatriate” certain key powers from Brussels, which will not fly as this will require a treaty change.  His priority has to be rebuilding his relationship with Europe's leaders, if he wants to be taken seriously as a Prime Minister-in-waiting.

Maybe Cameron will surprise us all, show the leadership that he should have done when the Irish voted yes and tell the Tebbits of this world to get lost.

If he wins the election, Cameron has got to spend his waking hours concentrating on the economy rather than fighting futile battles with Europe that have little chance of success.

He should take the opportunity that Klaus has provided to finally close the matter of Europe down.

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  1. Cameron doesn't do leadership his style is to follow focus groups.

    And as for spending all his waking hours concentrating on the economy, what would be the point when the real government is in Brussels.

  2. If he went to the trouble of repatriating, he might as well go for undoing Lisbon - it would involve more or less the same actions...

  3. That Ming vase you keep going on about. I think it's time David Cameron smashed it. Don't offer a referendum on the EU. Offer it on Scottish Independence. It would have ramifications on relationship with the EU. It's the only other referendum Cameron can seriously offer the voters. He has to give the people a choice on something really important. He would seal the deal.

  4. Anonymous you've been reading my blog. :)