29 November 2009

The good news. Darling is not happy

What do have we here.  The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph are suggesting that Messrs Brown and Darling are not getting on over the small matter of the Pre-Budget Report.

Brown, of course, wishes to be rather more optimistic than Darling:

Mr Darling was determined to leave voters in no doubt over the "tough choices" that needed to be taken as the government strives to hit its target of halving Britain's soaring public deficit over the next four years.

The Prime Minister, by contrast, is keen to approach the next election – which must be held by next June – by stressing Labour's plans to carry on spending on schools, hospitals and other "front-line services".

“Relations have become so bad that the two men can now barely agree on a time to meet,” said a Whitehall source.

Splendid! Splendid!

This is significant news for the few of us left who still believe that Labour should change leader before the election.  A major fallout between Brown and Darling could well be the tipping point.

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