15 November 2009

A U-turn Sunday

You remember Brown’s big speech at the party conference when he dazzled all before him with little thought though initiatives.  As usual, most of them fell apart within hours but two have lingered in the forlorn hope that maybe, just for once, they would see the light of day.  But it is not to be.

On this U-turn Sunday, Brown’s plans to end childcare vouchers have been dropped following a growing backbench revolt and over 80,000 signing a Downing Street petition.

Gordon has always said he would listen to people on this,” said a No 10 source. “There is clearly a need to look again at this issue and we hope to have something ready to announce before MPs go away for the Christmas recess”.

That is not all.

Brown’s announcement that 0.7% of national income would be “enshrined in law” will not happen.  All we will get is a draft bill in the Queens Speech, which means there is no chance of it becoming law before the election.

An NGO campaigner said:

This shouldn't involve particularly complicated legislation, given that all parties are committed to 0.7 per cent, but without a commitment to at least try to get this on the statute book before the election, it looks like an attempt to play party politics and create artificial dividing lines.

Enough said.

Other U-turns will be laid before you as Brown’s authority rapidly drains away.

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