03 November 2009

AJ4PM: Is it over?

The Tory party must be enjoying Alan Johnson’s handling of the sacking of drugs advisor Professor David Nutt.

Cameron, obviously hoping that Johnson's poor performance during his TV interview with Adam Boulton sticks, had this to say:

Having the Home Secretary shouting on TV doesn't actually inspire confidence.

However, Our Man did have rather a good day.  His thoughtful and well timed speech on immigration received wide coverage and wasn't drowned out by the Nutt affair.  Then, AJ went on to give a confident performance in the Commons where, for a variety of reasons, he received widespread support.

Alan Johnson is no novice and presumably would have thought through the repercussions of sacking Nutt.  Maybe it all part of the cunning plan.  However, as discussed, he could have managed himself and the process in a more competent way.

Has Alan Johnson scuppered his unadmitted ambition to become Prime Minister?  That is certainly the view at the height of this media firestorm, but how it plays out with the Labour MPs and the voters over the next few weeks is equally important.

If Johnson is fatally damaged, as the Tories and Brown hope, then Labour have an alternative in David Miliband.

The small matter of who leads Labour at the election is far from over.  In truth, it hasn't really started.

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  1. There just isn't any comparison between Johnson and Miliband. Although I don't like the politics of either man, Johnson stands head and shoulders above the immature looking Miliband, who I constantly think is going to break out into hysterical laughter every time he speaks.

    He ought to return to his public speaking coach and get another few lessons. Yes I know the last lot cost us £7000 ...

  2. I am reassured by your comment. we could be in for an interesting fe weeks no the Czechs have approved the treaty.