11 November 2009

A small sign of an early election

Our elected representatives will have little to do in the run up the election.  The Guardian is reporting that there will no electoral reform bill in the Queen’s Speech.  Some Cabinet members are not happy:

They argue that a paving bill – setting a date for a referendum on a new voting system, to take place after the general election expected in May – would be supported by the Liberal Democrats and so and put the Conservatives on the back foot. They hope Gordon Brown may change his mind, but admit the chances are slim.

What's Brown up to?  It is not like Our Dear leader to miss the opportunity of creating one of his famous dividing lines with the Tories.  There is plenty of time to get this bill through Parliament if the election is to be on May 6.

Maybe he is planning of an early election on March 25, not so much to wrong foot Team Cameron, but to destabilise any attempted coup that could well take place in January.

However, if Brown is thinking along these lines, it makes the ‘Bob Hawke scenario’ even more attractive, where a new leader would be installed and then call an immediate general election.

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