08 November 2009

Cameron’s strange bedfellows

David Cameron may not have ‘sealed the deal’ with the electorate, but two eccentric members of the Labour party have suddenly become enthusiastic about all matters Tory.

Clare Short has been along to give a little pep talk to Team Cameron on overseas aid policy:

The Conservatives have committed to keeping up the budget and keeping up the commitment on poverty and keeping a separate department, so I am pleased about that.

Now, wait for it.  Tony Benn, who almost destroyed the Labour party in the early ‘80s, has taken a liking to Our Dave:

There are issues I find myself in agreement with some of the Tories on, particularly on civil liberties.

With loyalty to colleagues not being one Benn's priorities in life, and having succeeded in making the most horrendous political misjudgements down the years, he proceeds :

Some of the new Labour people might be tempted to support Cameron as the best way of having influence within the new power structure if there was a hung parliament. Some new Labour people might be sympathetic to some of the things Cameron did.

On hearing these remarks, Our Dear Leader will be more than justified in ending the life of another mobile phone.

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1 comment:

  1. Short is certainly passionate about International Development, so it's good to see her ignore party dividing lines and say what she feels. Can't help think she's been suckered though.

    And Tony Bandwagon Benn is after another platform for himself, disregarding reality and everyone else as usual.
    The Tories have an interesting relationship with liberty, being as they have libertarians and authoritarians with, generally, louder voices than those in Labour who share the same split