05 November 2009

So, is Miliband off to Europe

Mike Smithson is so concerned about David Miliband’s career development that gets up at 3am to trawl the internet for the latest news.  His efforts are not in vain as he stumbles across on article that says that Miliband has accepted the role as the Europe’s foreign minister.

This is good news of for us AJ supporters who still have faith that he is best man to replace Brown sometime soon. 

John Rentoul detects that Johnson is now showing signs that does want to be Prime Minister:

On drugs and immigration, Johnson's positions are popular to the point of populism, absolutely right and sincerely felt. They are what the Labour Party and the country want to hear. If David Miliband does take the European foreign affairs job, the possibility that I discussed on Sunday, Johnson will be even more pre-eminent as the alternative leader that could deny the Conservatives a majority at the election.

Matthew Norman, who takes great delight in shooting down Cabinet ministers week after week, is not convinced by Alan Johnson’s ‘addiction to power’.  What would Norman prefer, to see Brown lead Labour to defeat at the next election?

Whatever, with the treaty signed and jobs to be filled in Brussels, we will not have long to wait to find out if it will be David or Alan who leads Labour at the next election.

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