11 November 2009

Ken Clarke goes off message

Team Cameron will not be best pleased with Ken Clarke's latest outburst:

I do think that in the middle of an acute national crisis a hung Parliament would be one of the biggest disasters we could suffer.

That would be a bigger danger than a Labour victory.

Lord Mandelson, who Ken Clarke has much respect for, will no doubt agree.

That is not all.  There is this wonderful exchange with Boris Johnson:

Boris: "Ken, I really should give you a job, you know. How about deputy mayor?"

Ken: "Weeeell, I don't think so. Most of your deputy mayors only last about four months"

What fun we will all have with Ken Clarke during the election campaign. 

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1 comment:

  1. Somebody get him a whiskey. Maybe a few, so he can sit down and have a nice sleep. Or maybe he will wander off to the other side of the room.