07 November 2009

Another day, another speech falls apart

A pattern is emerging during Brown’s final weeks in office.  Each day he will make a speech at the crack of dawn, only for it to fall apart before the sun sets.

The details of his latest effort need not concern us.  However, the US, Canada and the IMF have already put the speech into the shredder.

The quote of the day goes to Lord Oakeshott, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman:

Gordon Brown looks humiliated and isolated, a bit part player on the world stage.

Only weeks after his own Treasury rubbished the Tobin tax he's pulled it out of the hat like an old conjurer desperate for a new trick.

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  1. It's really quite sad to watch. He wanted it so badly and he's been such a complete disaster. He will go down in history as making John Major look like he knew what he was doing.

    I think he must have crossed Blair once to often and Blair certainly knew when to leave him to it.

  2. Didn't Alan Simpson (Notts MP about to retire)churn this old chestnut out several years ago only to be rubbished by Labour?

    Tris: I'm not sad watching Brown & Co twist and turn in their dying days. I want them destroyed.

    History will show that they have done more to damage the fabric of our society than even Simon Cowell - and he should be tried as a war criminal as far as I'm concerned.