09 November 2009

MPs’ expenses: Facebook to the rescue!

Sir Ian Kennedy, head of the newly formed Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, is not happy being told what to do by Sir Christopher Kelly.  Sir Ian is to carry out yet another consultation exercise with the aid of Facebook.

Perhaps these distinguished gentleman, along with one of two others involved in sorting out this scandal, should be reminded of what goes on in the private sector.

People who live away from home during the week happily live in hotels or rented accommodation, they are not allowed to make a capital gain and, with very few exceptions, are not allowed to employ a spouse or family member.

What is needed, if that is possible, is the smack of firm leadership.  Sir Ian should be told to implement Kelly’s proposals.  If is he fails to do this, he should be replaced by somebody who will.

MPs should be exposed to real world and sample how a large proportion of the electorate go about their daily lives.

Enough is enough.  It is time for action, not further delay.

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  1. Good morning Howard. Couldn't have put it better myself.

  2. Thanks. As you can probably tell I am more than annoyed with what is going on. Unfortunately, there are many bloggers' who believe it is acceptable to employ family members, which is indefensible. It should be stopped without delay.

  3. It should indeed. The excuses for it are all lies. Neither my MP or MSP employs family members and the results of their work hasn't suffered.

    All this business of taxpayers having to pay for homes in London so as MPs can have their families with them is also crap. The military can't drag their families around with them. Then again, most of them have sensible priorities regarding family life.