04 November 2009

At last, Cameron tells his party to grow up

So, we get the statement from Cameron that he should have delivered weeks ago. This was the telling phrase:

We will take our time, negotiate firmly, patiently and respectfully, and aim to achieve the return of the powers I have set out over the lifetime of a parliament.

Which means that Europe has been kicked into the long grass; there will be no bust-up with Brussels and the Tory party should grow up and move on.

Will it work?  With Cameron presently comfortably ahead in the polls, it probably will.  Even ‘the-not-serious-about-power’ element of the Tory party are reluctantly swallowing the home truths put up in neon lights by David Cameron today.  They have little choice if they want to see their party returned to power.

Brown was only partially correct the other day when he described Cameron as a “very good politician”.  He is more than that.  Cameron is now the Prime Minister-in-waiting.

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