22 November 2009

Tory assumptions and complacency

Matthew d'Ancona believes that next election will probably dominated by three issues:

economic competence; change versus experience; and whether the public can stand another four years of Gordon Brown (a question which, sadly for the Prime Minister, rather answers itself).

But d'Ancona has left one small matter out.  The complacency that appears to be gripping the Tory party as demonstrated on the Coffee House blog:

One interesting thing to watch after the next election is how many of the 2010 intake are offered ministerial jobs straight away. This will be a delicate party management issue for Cameron as there is already grumbling from some members of the front bench about the possibility of them being cast aside in favour of members of the 2010 intake after the election.

Not so fast, lads.  The fat lady has yet to sing.


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