13 November 2009

Upsetting the voters that matter

It may well be all smiles in the Labour heartland of Scotland, but down South where the election will be decided, our middle class votes are far from happy.

More than 80,000 have now signed the Downing Street petition urging the government to drop the plans to end childcare vouchers.

Brown is also having a little difficulty containing the rebellion within his own ranks.

Tessa Jowell has “snubbed the Prime Minister's personal plea for her to help cool tempers among furious Labour women MPs”

Privately, she is sympathetic to their viewpoint. This clumsy move has created even more anger in that it looks like he has been trying to send in a woman to do his dirty work.

Cuts there will be, but the small matter of keeping onside these hard pressed middle class voters this side of the election is vital.

We should expect cool and calm Alistair Darling to drop Brown’s latest wheeze at the time of the Pre-Budget Report


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