22 November 2009

Lights, camera, action (sometimes)

imageThose were the days.  Brown, with cameras at the ready, was warming up for the non-election of 2007.  In an attempt to wrong-foot the Tories he invited Lady Thatcher into No10 for a cuppa.

While they were having their little chat, Brown decided to commission a picture of Maggie that would hang in Downing Street.  Tomorrow the picture is unveiled but this time there will be no cameras present.  Apparently, Brown “is terrified of unflattering comparisons of their records” and doesn't wish to be photographed with Lady T amongst a group of her former advisors.  Perhaps he will be outside the famous door to meet her, unlike David Cameron who will sneak into No10 via a side entrance.

Cameras are causing a host of other problems for substance Brown.  He, along with David Cameron, have had to apologise to the Dean of Westminster Abbey for exploiting the Armistice Day service, having turned the event in a photo opportunity.

If that wasn't enough.  Earlier this month Brown was photographed jogging in a London park in full view of the cameras.  He has not been seen since and some are wondering that it must have been a stunt.

The long road to the election has begun.

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