09 November 2009

So, AJ does want the job

In a further sign that Alan Johnson does want to lead Labour at the next election, he has given an interview to the Indy where we calls for a “real debate” on immigration:

People think we have shied away from a debate on it. They may well be right.  My post bag is bigger on immigration than any other issue. It is a major public concern. The public deserves a rational debate on this, rather than what they sometimes get, which is at the extreme end of the scale.

He admits that the lack of a proper debate has played into the BNP’s hands:

Part of its attraction is that it is raising things that other political parties don't raise.  It would take the absence of a national debate as the green light to distort the debate. It has absolutely no inhibition about lying about these issues.

On drugs and immigration Johnson is showing leadership and saying what the country want to hear.  If the BNP do hold their deposit in the forthcoming Glasgow North-East by-election, it will further underpin his views on the need for a debate.

Not only that, but it will strengthen the argument that he is the best alternative leader to take the fight to the Tories during the run up to the election.

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  1. Wrong I'm afraid. Most of the people I speak to don't want a rational debate about immigration at all. They want immigration more or less stopped, illegal immigrants deported back to their home countries and asylum seekers sent back to the first ( or last ) safe country they encountered in getting here. If Alan Johnson isn't aware of this, he is just as 'out of touch' as all the other Labour MPs. It is for MPs to get 'in touch' with the electorate not the other way around, and then carry out their wishes. That's what MPs are there for, isn't it ?

  2. I wouldn't take that as a sign of him putting himself forward for the leadership. He may want the job but i'm sure he doesn't want to be the one with the blood on his hands.
    He's doing what he thinks is best for the party (and hopefully the country).

    He realises that immigration needs to be addressed and debated.
    I disagree with the poster above, I think people are very happy to have a debate. Those who want to 'chuck em out' are the minority and the rest can be convinced, but are being pushed away because some politicans are afraid to even discuss the topics important to some voters