23 November 2009

Mandy is ‘angry and bruised’

Following on from The Sunday Times article that Mandy wants Brown to make him foreign Secretary, “friends” of the business secretary attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube:

Lord Mandelson’s allies tried to end the row on Sunday, describing reports that he wanted Mr Miliband’s job as “total rubbish” and insisting he was ready to dedicate all his energies to Labour’s election campaign.

But Lord Mandelson is still angry and bruised over events in Brussels last week when Lady Ashton beat him to the socialist nomination for EU foreign policy chief, after Mr Miliband decided not to go for the post.

Friends of the business secretary said he believed the negotiations were “botched” and that Britain, unless it had a heavyweight foreign policy chief, should have instead tried to secure a top economic role in the European Commission.

Mandy is indispensible to Brown and he knows it.  Brown had little choice but to nominate Lady Ashton.  As discussed, she got the job because she was available and Europe wanted a woman.

The only way that Mandy will become foreign secretary is under a new Labour leader.  Mandy cannot be seen move publically over this.  He will only withdraw his support for Brown if the Cabinet move decisively and if the alternative offers Labour a better chance of securing a hung parliament.

The media like to portray Mandy is being the all powerful figure but in truth he, along with everybody else, is dependant on events.

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