02 November 2009

Brown is “mesmerised” by Cameron

Frank Field, no friend of Our Dear Leader, launches a scathing attack on Brown’s handling of the expenses scandal:

This dismal state of affairs is compounded by a total failure of political leadership. David Cameron has mesmerised the Prime Minister over this issue. Anything Cameron does Brown tries to do better. Each time he fails miserably.

It worth keeping an eye on Frank Field, who may well lead a backbench rebellion against Brown in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Brown goes for a cheap publicity stunt ahead of the publication of Kelly's report on Wednesday:

Gordon Brown will meet Sir Christopher on Monday and is expected to warn that the reforms must not turn politics into the preserve of the rich.

However, it is not clear why Mr Brown is issuing such a warning to the official watchdog – or why his feelings are being made public – as Sir Christopher’s report and recommendations have already been sent to the printers.

Not Flash. Just Gordon.

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