30 November 2009

Cameron’s Brown Monday

Team Cameron is having a bad time.  Not only do we have another poll confirming the trend back to Labour, but Cameron has been forced to apologise to the Commons:

Can I start by putting right something I got wrong last week. While the two Islamic schools I mentioned got government money while being run by people linked to the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, and while they did receive that money under a Pathfinder scheme, it was not the Pathfinder scheme concerned with combating extremism.

I am sorry for the error. I believe that when you get a fact wrong you should put it right but I continue to believe that it is wrong that taxpayers' money goes to schools run by extremists.

Oh dear.  Tip for Dave: Never apologise, never explain.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Zac Goldsmith remains in post and Tim Montgomerie says, “there is no need to worry at this stage” then:

The Tories should not wait until the General Election campaign to launch the manifesto but should launch it on Monday 4th January and use the following months to explain how life will be better with David Cameron in Downing Street.

If Cameron follows that advice he will need to worry.   The ‘heir to Blair’ has to remember to smile, nod and say very little.

That Ming vase is looking a rather fragile object tonight.

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  1. Main reason for this "steadying" of the Labour vote is that Brown hasn't screwed up for a while.

    It can't last.

  2. It must be days and days... Jess

  3. I disagree. I prefer apologies if anyone makes an error.

  4. Let's hope the wobble increases and leads to a hung Parliament.

    Lord Pearson explains why this is so important here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3pnkxZ-rQU&feature=player_embedded

  5. Wait for a gaffe and one comes along....

    Brown claimed Spain was in the G20 and UK is therefore not last G20 nation out of recession.

    Spain is not in the G20. The EU is, and the Eurozone as a whole is out of recession.

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