02 November 2009

PM4PM revisited, again

Last week William Rees-Mogg had splendid article on the probability of a hung parliament and the possibility of one of the Milibands or Harriet Harman becoming Labour leader.

This week all that is forgotten.  Miliband is off to Europe, Cameron is heading for Downing Street and Mandy will become leader of the Labour party.  It is this small matter that needs to be dealt with.

For Mandy to become an MP, Labour leader and Prime Minister, the Constitutional Reform Bill, allowing life peers to resign from the House of Lords, would have to become law.  This Bill is currently at committee stage in the Commons, meaning there are weeks of procedure remaining.

Of course, some fancy footwork could be done to get the Bill through, but the Lords and the Tories will do their best to halt the process.  There is simply not the time for Mandy to become an MP, let alone Labour leader before the election, but it will not stop the speculation.

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