15 November 2009

Brown has double booked.

Our Dear Leader is doing all he can to prop up support for the war in Afghanistan:

In an unprecedented move that reflects deepening anxiety in government about low morale among soldiers' relatives, the prime minister has invited 80 members of forces families, including wives and grandparents of serving soldiers, to Downing Street this week for a private reception to discuss their concerns.

However, Brown’s his best endeavours have hit a slight snag:

Brown had been due to attend the Downing Street reception but has asked his wife Sarah to do so as he has to attend a special summit in Brussels to choose the first permanent president of the European Council.

You would have thought the reception could have been rescheduled by a few hours, but no.

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1 comment:

  1. How insulting that these folk are to be met with his wife. She's not the elected politician.

    Poor souls, many will travel hundreds of miles too.