11 April 2010

Memo to Mandelson: Sunday 11th April

Dear Peter,

The troops will appreciate your memo, which highlights the small matters that the voters should be reminded of at all times.  Also, there is not only one but two nuggets in the Observer that provide further proof that the Tory party hasn't changed.

It was good to see that Labour have now began to shape the morning news agenda.  Presumably, there will be a big splash this evening ahead of tomorrow's manifesto launch? 

However, this story in the Sunday Times could prove to be counter-productive.  Was it right to send cancer patients alarmist mailshots?

There is no need to hold Saturday press conference so early in the morning, if at all.  After an exhausting week, it annoys the hacks and they must be kept on side during the campaign.  Media interviews are more preferable on a Saturday, especially on Today, which was unfortunately a Labour free zone yesterday.

The other concern about yesterday’s little event wasn't so much that there was little to say, but the presence of Ed Balls and Yvette Copper.  Neither is effective on TV, but there is a more substantial matter that is highlighted below.

The motives of Balls has to addressed as well as the incident that took place yesterday.  If he is mouthing off about Labour's chances of winning, this will not only influence others but have a direct bearing on the party’s performance during the campaign.  Once the winning mindset goes, the party will lose despite of any unforced errors that the Tories make.

One further matter.  Kinnock was on Marr this morning, where he described Brown as having a '”radio face”.  For reasons we have discussed, keep him away from the media.  If you need a ‘fill in’ from time to time use John Reid, who is a good communicator.

Best wishes

Events Dear Boy, Events.

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  1. Since when do the fantasy writings of Observer hacks count for anything? You confuse opinion and exageration with proof.

    I just wish Labour would lose with dignity. Using cancer as a political weapon. Spreading lies about the Polish president as his country mourns his death. Do Labour and its supporters have no shame? Labour truly are the nasty party of British politics.

    "winning mindset"? What a joke. Everybody knows Labour have lost. The only question is will the Tories have a majority or not.

    Roll on defeat so Labour can purge itself of this uglyness or disappear into the history books.

  2. "...could prove to be counter-productive."

    For Heaven's sake.

    OK, so far no-one seems to know for sure exactly what happened here so maybe it isn't quite as deplorable as it looks. On the other hand, perhaps it is.

    But step back. If this story is even half right, we're talking here about targeting cancer victims and their families with a deeply unpleasant (and arguably completely unfounded) scare story.

    Is it beyond you to display enough basic humanity just to condemn this as disgusting politics? I don't know whether you've experienced cancer first-hand - I have - but even if you haven't can't you just for once see anything beyond political games?