19 April 2010

Not all Tory ideas are good ones

David Cameron on “ash cloud”

The idea of using Royal Navy ships was something the Conservative party suggested and I'm delighted the government has taken it up.

As a reminder, he made a similar comment about the TV leaders’ debates.

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  1. If you are 'right of centre' as you claim, I am Venusian.

  2. Using carriers with 1,000-odd berths is gesture politics. Fact is that NATS and Eurocontrol - ultimately the Department for Transport and the European Union - have dithered on this predictable issue. CAA should have relaxed restrictions under supervision. One reason many are stranded is the failure of direct international connections rather than the spoke-and-hub arrangements centred on airports like Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle and Schipol in particular.

    There's a range of opinion on PPrune


    My uninformed guess is there is unlikely to be an immediate and catastrophic airborne flight safety risk from these clouds (engine failure) but that exposed aircraft will need an increased maintenance regime and reduced flying hours...like the helos in dusty Afghanistan.

  3. Oh dear, Brown screws it up again...

    "The warships were still awaiting orders last night as ferry companies said there was no shortage of places on cross-Channel services."


    How long until Clegg tells us that the Royal Navy is old politics and he will scrap it to save money for more tax cuts?