18 April 2010

Meanwhile, Murdoch makes a call

imageRebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International, is going through the first editions of the Sunday papers.  Her mobile rings and it’s Rupert Murdoch at the other end:

RB: Hello

RM: What's going on?

RB: We have some good stuff in the papers.  The paywall is nearly….

RM:  I’m interest in the polls, dam it.  I only back winners.  I’m not going to have my reputation ruined by a young upstart.  I should never have listened to you and that chap Coulson.   I’m flying over.

RB: You can’t.  The airports are closed.

RM: Don’t tell me what to do.  I run the world not Charlie Whelan.

RB: No, it’s nothing to do with the unions.  A volcano has erupted and……

RM: Right that does it.  The Brits are hopeless.  Us Aussies will have to save the day.  Where’s Trevor Kavanagh?  He knows how we do things down under.

RB: We could organise a conference ….

RM: We don’t need a bloody telephone hook up. You just rolled over when Cameron put on the charm act.  Now….

RB: But you did the same when Blair…

RM: That was different.  Blair had Mandelson and Campbell behind him.  All Cameron has is George Osborne.

RB: Well, what shall we do?

The phone goes dead.  A few minutes later Trevor Kavanagh rings:

TK: Rupert is in a right state.  He is going to speak with Mandelson to see if he can pull it off.  Meanwhile, I will draft a leading article for his approval, just in case we need it.  Goodnight.

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