06 April 2010

Brown v Cameron

Well, that was a first.  Cameron rips up years of tradition not to mention convention, and speaks before the Prime Minister announces that the dissolution has been granted.

As for the campaign itself:

The team leader v The individual

The ordinary man v The privileged man

The policy man v The personality man

Stability v Risk

Five more years of the same v Change

Big government v Big society

Meanwhile, FT Westminster has been out and about in the real world:

1) A mood running against Labour but not with the Tories;

2) An unexpected yearning for a hung parliament; and

3) A distinct lack of engagement with politics in Westminster


Very few signs that any of the big political debates in Westminster were reverberating in the West Midlands. No mention of National Insurance, Ashcroft, unions etc.

One calendar month to go, folks.

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