26 April 2010

Alastair Campbell tries to have it both ways

One day it's a lack of style, the next it's policy.

On Saturday, Campbell's idea of an Elvis impersonator backfired spectacularly, then yesterday he attempts to dictate to the media how they report the campaign.

Ironically, both these little events neatly deflect from the message the party is attempting to get across.  Through the prism of the leaders' debates the media are focusing on policy, but with the opinion polls indicating a hung parliament they will, of course, focus on what will happens after 6 May.

Part of Campbell's and Mandelson's problem is that they are attempting to fight this election as they did in 1997, 2001 and 2005.  Then they had a messenger who could sell.  They only have have themselves to blame if, in 2010, the message is not cutting through.

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