13 April 2010

Will George Osborne play his game-changing card today?

Having failed so far to ‘seal the deal’, what inducements will the Tories offer us when they launch their manifesto later this morning?  How are they going to lift their poll ratings?  It’s becoming rather a problem, so what is left in the near empty jar of sweets?

A few days ago Mike Smithson produced this handy chart:

image He explains:

Historically there’s been a link between the price of petrol and Labour’s position in the polls.

Given that one of the key “demographics” for swing voters in swing seats has become “Motorway Man” how is this going to impact on voting?

For a 50 litre tank full of unleaded that cost £42.50 in January 2009 is going to set you back £60 today.

Yep, George Osborne will buy that.

Expect a petrol price surprise to arrive at a forecourt near you.

How he going to pay of it remains the unanswered question.

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1 comment:

  1. He had a policy for petrol prices since 2008 - the petrol price stabaliser.

    It is revenue neutral because it takes more tax when prices are low to make up for taking less tax when prices are high.

    Shame Labour didnt steal this one.