28 April 2010

At a stroke, Gordon Brown produces the campaign's unknown unknown

From Sky News:

The Prime Minister was confronted by 66-year-old Gillian Duffy while on the campaign trail in Rochdale.

He spent nearly five minutes answering her questions and told her: "It's been very good to meet you."

He smiled at the woman and then got into a waiting car.

However, a microphone picked up his words to an aide as he drove away.

Mr Brown was caught saying: "That was a disaster."

"You should never have put me with that woman."

"Whose idea was that?"

Mr Brown went on: "It's just ridiculous."

His aide then asked: "What did she say?"

Mr Brown replied: "Oh, everything, she's just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to vote Labour."


  1. Unspinnable.

    And the video of him holding his head in his hands while being asked about it on the Vine show is even worse.

    We knew he was a liability but this is beyond the pale.

  2. Yes, Unspinnable is a good way to describe it.

    The timing could not be worse.

  3. The timing could not be better for AJ4PM. Labour now have a perfect reason to dump Brown before the election.

    Probably wont happen, but if it does it will be after the leaders debate. AJ should make sure his schedule is clear on Friday.

  4. Is Blair going to be the man in the grey suit who says 'Gordon, your time is up.'?

    If so, what he says in public could mean the difference between AJ or DM.