08 April 2010

The Labour party are having a good morning

So far, so good:

  1. John Humphrys gets stuck down a cul-de-sac in his interview with Gordon Brown;
  2. New car sales up 26% last month, which means Q1 GDP figures on 23rd April will be positive;
  3. The Lib Dems chip-in with a new poster: "Tory VAT bombshell: you'd pay £389 more a year in VAT under the Conservatives."
  4. Brown, Mandelson and Darling demolish the flimsy claims the Tories are making on public spending and “efficiency savings”
  5. The press become obsessed about Charlie Whelan’s Commons pass and the roll Sarah Brown is playing on the hustings; and
  6. At the Tory press conference all we get is a glitzy presentation in the presence of a retired film star, who was a tax exile for nearly ten years.  And for good measure, Michael Caine goes off message saying:  "This Government is doing a wonderful job..."

And as an added bonus, James Macintyre spells Humphrys’s name incorrectly.

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