10 April 2010

A blog post that Coffee House should be ashamed of

David Blackburn, one of the contributors to Coffee House, has posted about the Government's decision not to publish Lord Savile’s report into the events of Bloody Sunday until after the election:

The Savile Inquiry falls into the same category as the defence review and the spending review - it has been temporarily suppressed to save face during an election.

The report was delivered just before the election was called and there are numerous reasons, that have been well documented, to delay its publication until after polling day.  To bracket this with the defence and spending review is not justified.

Blackburn, who is presumably a professional journalist, should know better than to post such nonsense.

It is worth noting that none of the members of the present Government have any responsibility for Bloody Sunday, neither are they accountable for what happened on that dreadful day.
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