17 April 2010

Simon Heffer on the “nation’s sweetheart”

Pulling no punches and using his own unique charm, Simon Heffer swallows a dictionary to describe the nation’s latest household name:

We now know exactly who Nick Clegg is: he is Mr Integrity, the nation's sweetheart, the only honest man in politics. I had thought the public were a bit brighter than that, and would see through his pious, sanctimonious, oleaginous, not-me-guv display of cynical self-righteousness: but they didn't.

Then he moves on to the other two:

Mr Brown's impersonation of a robot, and his projection of all the charm of a caravan site in February, were pretty predictable: but the place where hair was really being torn out yesterday was around poor old Dave. The attempt by this trust-funded Old Etonian (and Old Bullingdonian) to come over as Mr Ordinary was rather tragic: if we have to hear much more about his children's state school and his family's experience of the NHS, some of us will need medical attention of our own.

Heffer’s column on Saturday 8 May will be a treat, no matter what the result.

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  1. It is all packaging.

    Inside the box it is still just soap powder

  2. Poor Mr Heffer is like Gerald Warner - the only thing in life that would please him is a complete retreat to the sort of state that the US far right envisage, with guns and all. Having said that, it's not quite fair, I imagine Gerald Warner would wish the Spanish Inquisition somewhereabouts too.