16 April 2010

Cameron is the man who isn't there

Will he or won’t he?  That is the question.

Now that Gordon Brown has taken the correct decision to be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, what will David Cameron do?

Lord Mandelson does have a point:

After last night we now know why. He doesn't like scrutiny and he doesn't like tough questions. The contrast with Gordon [Brown], who has agreed to do the Paxman interview, is obvious.

Playing the game of catch up is not where the Prime Minister-in-waiting should be.

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  1. So you think anyone should worry about playing catch-up with Gordon Brown? Seriously?

    Good to see that you're still peddling Lord Mandelson's lines - the great political Svengali who you were telling us a few weeks ago would destroy everything in his path and drive Labour to an historic victory.

    Never mind, we'll look forward to the supposed-to-be-daily "Dear Peter" letters starting again soon so we can all learn how the unstoppable campaign for a fourth term should be put back on track.

  2. Oh please, not more of these boring people on telly. It's more than we can stand. They say exactly the same stuff every time, because they have learned it word pefect; they only answer the questions they want to answer, not the ones they ahve been asked, and Gordon won't do himself any favours and Dave will.

    Don't they see this is all about the Press and nothing to do with politics.

    I want to know what my local MP is going to do about stuff that matters to me in my constituency, not what the de facto president of England is going to do.

    We already know that. He'll do what President Obama tells him to do!