14 April 2010

Cameron makes a wrong move

Paul Waugh has the story that Cameron will not be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman next Monday.  Gordon Brown now has the prefect excuse not to show up the following week.

As Waugh says, Cameron will be defying tradition but there is something else.  Cameron should be proving to voters that he can handle these one-to-one forensic interviews.

If Brown does go ahead and performs well, Cameron will be left exposed and his judgement will be questioned.

The Prime Minister-in-waiting has made the wrong decision.

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  1. @ least Cameron faces the 'real' public...........

  2. You really are becoming a broken record. All right, we know Cameron can't do anything right in your opinion. But how about telling us that Brown not only won't face Paxman, but won't face any audience except Labour members so devoted that they even boo journalists who ask questions the faithful don't like?

    Just for one, a bit of equal treatment would be a nice change.