12 April 2010

Memo to Mandelson: Monday 12th April

Dear Peter,

You will know more than most that this a critical week for the Labour party and Gordon Brown, but there are few other matters to bring to your attention:

  1. Until yesterday’s interview with Jon Sopel, the much overrated Vince Cable was getting an easy ride with the media.  If you attacked his credibility, that may well help to attract the Lib Dem vote.  Don't’ forget Darling is the Chancellor that the voters prefer;
  2. Your lower profile in the media is welcome and it was a good decision to field Ed Miliband on the Today programme;
  3. Behind the latest YouGov poll headline is the evidence that last week Labour failed to get its message across.  It is vital that this addressed.
  4. The manifesto coverage in the press is good stuff, especially the various reports in The Telegraph, which highlight an attempt to recapture middle England voters.
  5. Your failure to exploit Chris Grayling over his gaffe, has allowed the Tories an opportunity to repair the damage.  This is important because the gay vote will matter on polling day.  By all means let David Davis cause trouble (he is good at that), but Labour should be taking the initiative;
  6. David Miliband’s ‘must read’ blog is identifying some important issues: the Tories muddle over Europe; Cameron's little problem about sealing the deal and the UKIP vote; and the Tories credibility gap.  Hopefully, once he gets back from Washington, Miliband will play a leading role in the campaign.

Good luck with the manifesto launch and preparing Gordon for Thursday.

Best Wishes

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