30 April 2010

The return of Tony Blair

Much has changed since the-three-times-election-winner gave a little speech in his former Sedgefield constituency.  Today it's reported that he will return to the hustings with a tour of marginal constituencies.

Is this such a good idea?  First, Blair's visit will become a media frenzy.  Second, it will eclipse Gordon Brown and any post-debate message that Labour wish to get across.  Third, it invites further ridicule for Brown and the party.

Tony Blair has left the stage and should stay there.  There is little to be gained by bringing him back at this stage of the campaign.

1 comment:

  1. It is basically getting the band back together for one last reunion gig before they go off into the sunset.

    I heard that the old lead singer has a good solo career. Shame that the guitarist made such a terrible replacement lead singer and that the drummer forgot how to play.