19 April 2010

The ‘unknown unknown’ of this election

No, it’s not Nick Clegg but the ‘ash cloud’.  The not-so-small problem high up in the sky is dominating the news agenda.  Gordon Brown, of course, can’t be blamed for what has happened nor for the fact the planes were immediately grounded.  But how he has chosen to handle this could become an election issue.

Nick Clegg has rightly, for the moment, said that he will support the government's action.  Presumably, David Cameron will do the same.

Gordon Brown, for obvious reasons, will not want ‘ash cloud’ to dominate the the election campaign, especially in the week when important economic data is released that will play a vital part in Labour’s election strategy.

Brown should carry out his responsibilities as Prime Minister, but he must avoid exploiting this issue for electoral gain.

If he does allow short term tactics to kick in, it be could very damaging to Labour's campaign.

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1 comment:

  1. Unfounded conspiracy theory #1: Brown only banned flight because Cameron has a helicopter and he could only afford the train.

    Unfounded conspiracy theory #2: Brown wants to keep those 150,000 people abroad until after the election because they are more likely to be Conservative voters.

    Unfounded conspiracy theory #3: Election to be postponed due to ash cloud (not to give Brown more time to convince voters, you understand...).