12 April 2010

The lap of luxury


Is this the image that Cameron wishes to project as he travels around the country?

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  1. Obama has Air Force One. Cameron has a nice bus. What is the big deal.

    It looks presidential to me. Thourougly modern. It is the sort of picture that Blair would have looked good in, but Brown does not.

    The thing with Cameron is that he looks equally at home in his family kitchen as he does in a business setting like this.

    Labour and its supporters really need to get off the politics of envy and class warfare and see the big picture.

    When the dust settles Labours only hope will be to find a leader with that sort of appeal.
    They have lost the asperational voters who enabled Blair to win three elections in a row. They will need to rebuild the big tent party that Brown destroyed.

  2. Anonymous - thanks from the sermon. Have a good day