14 April 2010

TV leaders’ debate: The silly games start

On the eve of the first TV leaders’ debate, a non-sophisticated version of mind games begins:

Frontbench Tories are seeking an assurance from [Sir Gus] O'Donnell, the cabinet secretary, that Brown has not abused his position to use public resources to help prepare his political attack.

Brown may well have had the odd chat inside No10 about the debates and made a few phone calls.  He could have also jotted down notes on government stationary, whilst sitting a desk paid for by the taxpayer.  Meanwhile, over at the Commons, Cameron and Clegg have, presumably, been just as guilty of the same crimes and misdemeanours.

Oh, and don’t forget Brown and Cameron have been paid a salary out of public funds during the months of tortuous negotiations.  Should we demand to see itemised timesheets?

The only solution is for Sir Gus to hold an inquiry into these grave matters using funds provided by the taxpayer.

Members of the audience, over the next thirty-six hours, further mind games will be laid before you.

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