16 April 2010

Google and the TV leaders’ debate

Were you watching and listening to every word that Brown, Cameron and Clegg uttered?  Apparently not.  We were also using Google:

Nick Clegg, his Liberal Democrat Party, and its manifesto generated many queries as people searched for Lib Dems and Liberal Democrat manifesto 2010. Searches for David Cameron and the Conservatives beat out the well-known incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Labour, but the two parties’ manifestos generated about the same number of searches.

Many Brits sought to watch the debate, searching for ITV election debate and live political debate, while others sought real-time polling information with queries such as debate polls, leaders debate poll and who is winning the debate.

Gordon Brown told David Cameron, “I'm grateful, by the way, David, for you putting up these posters about me and about crime and about everything else. You know, there's no newspaper editor done as much for me in the last two years, because my face is smiling on these posters, and I'm very grateful to you and Lord Ashcroft for funding that”, generating queries for Gordon Brown poster and Lord Ashcroft. David Cameron’s statement, “We’re going to get rid of some of these quangos” sent users scurrying to determine what a quango is. Nick Clegg’s repeated railing against renewing the Trident missile and David Cameron’s repeated railing against the jobs tax, a one percent increase in National Insurance contributions, were the other issues generating queries.

Overwhelming these debate-related queries was the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the closure of British air space.

Interesting stuff.  Quangos and Trident will now become campaign issues in double quick time.

It appears that the electorate are engaging with what the leaders have to say.

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  1. I was baffled as to why Clegg saw the scrapping of Trident as a cornucopia for all kind of spending wheezes. Has anyone told him that as the things are being built as we speak at Barrow that any savings would be meaningless ?

  2. Yes, but he is a politician who has to get his message across and he did that in spades last night.

    Like them all, he will worry about the rest on 7 May.