13 April 2010

It’s not over yet: Labour is working

While the most expensive and longest advert in television history goes on and on, there is some real news:

A rebound in exports helped to narrow the UK trade deficit in February, official figures have shown.

“The contracting deficit should also help settle concerns over a 'double-dip' recession,” said Iain MacDonald, head of trade product at Barclays Corporate.

Friday 23 April could be a very interesting day.

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  1. As expected, if you devalue the pound exports normally increase.

    But then again, so does inflation.

    On the topic of Conservative manifesto, for all the money they spent I do wish they had done a better job of making the PDF. The graphic quality is terrible. They must have used some really cheap software.

  2. I skimmed through it. Way too long, badly presented, but I actually think they have a couple of really good ideas.

    The difference between the manifestos is that the tories are presenting a vision for how to make a better country, where Labour are presenting a shopping list of policies to buy off particular target demographics.

    The question is can Cameron and team sell it?

  3. Correct and on the evidence of Cameron's speech, the answer is no.

  4. Havent watched the speech yet (the BBC wouldnt let me watch the live stream from California, I guess they think it is a state secret or something).

    I do have a new theory. Both manifestos were written by teams from The Apprentice. After both teams get to take their presentation to the country I'm expecting Alan Sugar to come in and say 'your fired' to someone.